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The Family International Nigeria

of projects in Nigeria

Members of the Family International in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt have been involved in various mission initiatives throughout Nigeria since early 1996, including Bible studies, missionary training, literature distribution and church planting. We strive to help restore a sense of self-respect and spiritual fulfillment to the local communities where we serve.

We seek to provide tangible examples of God's love through our community based works such as, medical missions, vocational training, educational development, support initiatives for underprivileged children and teenagers, and food distribution. We believe that in responding to the needs of our local communities, we can make a difference.

Project Highlights

Obiye-Renee_thumb.jpg Education Support Programmes, Countrywide | Our methods of promoting educational development range from constructing/refurbishing schools, subsidizing teacher salaries, training teachers and caretakers, and providing textbooks, school stationery, furniture, wall posters, maps, and other aids. We hold teacher training seminars and workshops to ensure that the teachers' and caregivers' methods are up to date and effective. During the workshops our educators work alongside the teachers to create indigenous teaching aids and materials. Our seminars address topics such as motivating children to learn, character building, establishing positive learning habits, self-discipline, and drug prevention. Read more

vocational_thumb.jpg Vocation Development Initiatives, Countrywide | Our vocational training courses provide hundreds of teenagers and young adults with tutoring and hands-on experience in the vocation of their choice. Most of our training courses run full time, five days per week. Others run after school hours, complementing the students' scholastic education. Our students include the deaf and mute, the blind, handicapped, women from rural communities, and less-advantaged teenagers from all walks of life. The majority of the courses take place in already established institutions and centres. The classes are taught by skilled volunteers and tutors who impart their knowledge to a dedicated and determined audience. Read more

_thumbnail_Books-Martin_.jpg Community Development, Port Harcourt | Spiritual, moral and character growth, for children and adults alike, have been a long-standing, central focus for our unit in Port-Harcourt. We believe that in order to achieve visible outward progress and development the process must begin inwardly. By so doing, we strive to create a lasting, positive impact within this country. Read more

_thumbnail_Activated-Paul_cropped_.jpg Aid Distribution & Charity Shows, Port Harcourt | Throughout the 14 years we have been operating in Port-Harcourt Nigeria, providing assistance and offering our help to those in need has been very important to us. From performing Charity shows at schools, orphanages and handicapped centres, to distributing food and clothing; from sponsoring medical treatment to lifting others’ morale, we have endeavoured to raise the quality of life in whatever way we are able for the underprivileged and disadvantaged. Read more

_thumbnail_Students-during-computer-class-a_.jpg Gwako School, Abuja | The Gwako School was set up by the Family International in Nigeria in order to meet the demands for quality education in the villages surrounding Abuja. This school provides the means for the children of these farming communities to improve their quality of life, by receiving a quality education. Read more

_thumbnail_VVF-Extra-Photos-3-c_.jpg Vesico-Vagina Fistula Patient Support, Countrywide | We have been working with women who have Vesico-Vagina Fistula (VVF) since 2002, teaching them trades, and paying a small monetary allowance for their sustenance. Family project Eduvision has helped to renovate and set up vocational centers where VVF patients are able to learn a trade and obtain basic literacy classes. Eduvision's VVF patient support project also helps these women get on their feet after the training, by supplying those who graduate from the course with a small stipend and tools to set up their own small businesses. Read more

Maria_with_orphans_thumb.JPG Support Programmes for the Disadvantaged, Countrywide | The Family International provides support to orphanages, rural communities, homes for the aged, schools for the deaf, blind and dumb, orphanages and centers for street children in all parts of Nigeria. Some of the donations include food and nutritional supplements, milk powder, infant formula, baby care items, clothing, shoes, household items, equipment, and toys. Read more