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The Family International Uganda

Overviewof projects in Uganda

Mission works of members of the Family International in Uganda comprise a broad range of community and outreach programmes.

Since 1999 members have worked to manifest God’s love in practical terms to those in need. TFI volunteers have brought aid and encouragement to rural parts of the country often ravaged by drought and conflict. From remote regions of the far northeast to war-torn Gulu, members have provided assistance to underprivileged communities to find hope and practical solutions to some of their most pressing challenges.

In 1999 RadioActive Productions was born, reaching out via radio with a message of faith and inspiration, while developing local talent. The STEPS programme, a character- and faith-building curriculum for primary schools in Africa, was developed in Uganda. It was evaluated and commended by education experts and has been in print by Aurora Productions since 2004.

Project Highlights

RadioActive Public Service Radio Broadcasts | An important focus of our work in Uganda since 1999 has been the production of public service radio shows and spots. On average, we broadcast a total of 56 shows every month on eight different radio stations that collectively reach the entire country. These broadcasts include Night Light, a late-night radio programme; Nu Beat, a weekly syndicated youth programme; and Reflections, an inspirational spot, presenting motivational reflections on a variety of topics. Stories & articles | Photo album

Donation Distribution and Charity Work, Countrywide | Thanks to the generosity of people in the community, who care sincerely for those whose lives are challenging and difficult, over the past eight years we have been able to distribute many tons of donated goods, including clothes, shoes, school supplies, and food to poorly funded or totally destitute communities, with very touching results. Stories & articles | Photo album

The Ik: A marginalized tribe in northeast Uganda | We have made several trips to visit the Ik tribe, who live in the mountains near the Kenya/Uganda border, in order to bring them recorded Bible stories, along with donated hand-cranked tape recorders. Stories & articles | Photo album

Murals Brighten Lives | Talented Family members use their artistic talents to paint murals in hospitals, orphanages, and other institutions to spread cheer and lift the spirits of those who are infirm or in troubling situations. Stories & articles | Photo album

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