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Overviewof projects in South America

Since the early 1970’s, the Family International has had a presence throughout South America. Volunteers have been committed to the mission of bringing comfort, aid and attention to the needy, spreading the good news of the Gospel, and encouraging the depressed and downhearted.

TFI volunteers have undertaken a variety of projects to provide assistance to those in need in hospitals, orphanages, and assisted living facilities. Members have also provided aid to young people who suffer from drug addictions as well as assisted in humanitarian relief. Throughout the years, members have brought Jesus’ message of love and salvation to every strata of society through personal evangelism, Bible studies, seminars and workshops as well as the distribution of educational audio-visual material, books and magazines.

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Seminars | Addressing today’s pressing issues such as drug abuse, materialism, decaying moral values, and the challenges posed by the Internet, these seminars challenge the audience to examine and evaluate their own lives. The presentations are a mixture of theater, music, comedy, and digital multimedia that have captured the imagination of audiences in schools, universities, and companies.

Assistance for the needy | Jesus’ example of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, encouraging the disheartened, and tending to the needs of those around Him serves as a model for the Family’s aid projects. In conjunction with other organizations, sponsors and volunteers, Family members contribute to a variety of educational, health, nutritional, inspirational, and recreational initiatives. These ministries offer assistance to Brazil’s enormous underprivileged population and are an important focus of our work.

Rehabilitation programs--Chile | In conjunction with a group of therapists from a rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug addicts, the Family International in Chile has been working for many years with a weekly rehabilitation program consisting of musical and spiritual inspiration, counseling, Bible studies, and fellowship, to assist the patients in their recovery. Stories & articles | Photo album

Caring for the poor and needy--Peru | Volunteers in Peru are active in numerous poor areas on the outskirts of Lima, providing spiritual assistance and Bible classes, free medical assistance, as well as working in soup kitchens. We arrange for donated food, clothing, and toys to be distributed, while local doctors and dentists donate their time to provide free health care, with the assistance of volunteer workers. Stories & articles | Photo album

Assistance for children with cancer--Venezuela | The Family International has worked hand in hand with the Asociación Venezolana de Padres de Niños con Cáncer (Venezuelan Association of Parents of Children with Cancer). Throughout the years we have assisted with donations of clothing, diapers, food, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc., and hosted children's shows and Christmas parties for children undergoing chemotherapy, most of whom come from low income families. Stories & articles | Photo album

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