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Humanitarian Aid Distribution

The Port-Harcourt team

Orphans with new clothes

Goods donated to the Home for the Elderly
Orphans with new educational material

With the help of generous sponsors, we were able to deliver several tons of donated food items, furniture, electrical and household appliances, educational material, hygienic supplies, medical supplies and equipment to different orphanages and institutions throughout our city.

The children and staff were overjoyed! At one orphanage, their supplies were running very low, but with the additional provisions, they now not only have enough to feed their in-house orphaned children, but are also able to assist widows and underprivileged families in their area.

The medical supplies were given to a centre which cares for physically challenged children. This enabled the management to upgrade the centre’s equipment and provide new crutches and wheelchairs for the children.

Each of the recipients expressed heartfelt appreciation for the donated items. Over 250 children and adults benefited from this endeavor. We were glad we had a part in making this possible!

Published in 2019.

Unloading supplies

Orphans with new color pencil sets

New donated medical equipment

Donated items for orphanages and the underprivileged

Young orphan with new football

Orphans with new school bags