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Articles from Madagascar

Quality Education
Our team was able to rebuild the Fenomanana Elementary Primary School, which had been levelled to the ground by a cyclone four years ago, and furnish it with new school benches and desks for 200+ school children. Read more
Clean water and sanitation
At the Centre de Bienfaisance of Ankadivory (CBA), our team built a sanitary block of latrines and shower stalls for the 80 orphans and abandoned children who are permanent residents there. Read more
Fighting Hunger
Save the Youth International supplies food for 220 children schooled at the elementary school of the Fenomanana district during the entire duration of the school year. Read more
Saved by a Helicopter in Anosibe
Anosibe is a large, densely populated slum in downtown Antananarivo. One afternoon, the adults were all out working or trying to find work, and the hundreds of children were unattended in their squalid wooden habitats. Read more
Jungle Mission Trips
We have started work in the small isolated village of Razanaka, a village with no running water, electricity, roads or cars. Read more
Community Outreach
In the course of our mission work we encounter many needs. Read more
Project at the Ankadivory Orphanage
In late 2010 the CBA, “Centre de Bienfaisance d’Ankadivory”, a home to 75 orphans and school to more than 240 children from three very poor villages was burnt to the ground. The fire completely destroyed the home, the school building, and all the centre’s belongings and equipment. Read more
Green Leaf Orphanage, Morondavakely
Our volunteers offer our support to this children’s center which houses, feeds and schools 70–90 orphans, abused, and at-risk children. We organise volunteers to host activities and events, including children’s parties and painting activities. Read more