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The Time of the End

We believe that the Scriptures foretelling the future of the world will be fulfilled, as many other Biblical predictions have been throughout the centuries. It is our belief that we are now living in the period of time known in the Bible as the “Last Days,” which refers to the era preceding the return of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 3:1). His Second Coming will fulfill the Scripture, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever” (Revelation 11:15).

Seven years before Jesus’ return, a powerful world leader known in Scripture as the “man of sin,” “son of perdition,” and the “Antichrist” will rise to power (2 Thessalonians 2:3–4). Three and a half years into his reign, he will declare that he is God, and demand the world’s veneration and worship (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 13:4,7). A mandatory universal financial system will be instituted during this time, permitting no one to legally buy or sell essential goods, except those who bear this demagogue’s mark, name, or number (called the “mark of the beast”) in their right hand or forehead (Revelation 13:16–17). The progression of these events will plunge the entire world into an unprecedented time of social chaos and religious persecution known in the Bible as the “Great Tribulation” (Matthew 24:21).

It is our belief that Christians will remain on Earth during the time of the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:15–31). Multitudes of Christians will survive the Antichrist’s onslaughts, preaching the Gospel of salvation until the Lord’s return (Daniel 11:32–35). Many adherents of other religions will also rebel against this one world regime (Daniel 8:23–25).

The three-and-a-half-year period of Great Tribulation will climax in the return of Jesus Christ to the Earth (Matthew 24:29–30). Those who have received Jesus as their Savior will then be supernaturally delivered from their persecutors at the Rapture, the miraculous event when their mortal bodies will be gloriously changed and made like Jesus’ immortal resurrection body, as they rise to meet the Lord in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16–17; 1 Corinthians 15:51–52).

The Antichrist’s forces will then be annihilated by Jesus and His heavenly armies in the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16–21, 19:11–21). This will usher in a thousand-year rule of Christ on Earth, with peace, justice, and equity for all humankind (Daniel 2:44;
Revelation 20:1–3).

After this period, God will re-create a beautiful new Earth and atmospheric heavens
(2 Peter 3:10–13). God’s Heavenly City, New Jerusalem, will then descend like a magnificent jewel from above to the paradisiacal New Earth. “The dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them, and be their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away” (Revelation 21:3–4 NIV).

Jesus' Second Coming