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Members of the Family International at a retreat

Members of the Family International at a retreat in Italy.

The Family International’s membership currently comprises 1,900 members in nearly 80 countries. In order to be eligible for Family membership, prospective members accept the tenets of our Statement of Faith, and contribute to the Family International’s mission, as expressed in our Mission Statement, according to their personal ability and choice.

Members are expected to conduct themselves ethically and with integrity, both in their professional and personal lives. TFI’s core values express the guiding principles that members have adopted to guide their lives and activities.

Former TFI members: Over 35,000 people have at some point devoted themselves to Christian service with the Family International. Many, having devoted years to missionary work, are no longer members of our fellowship and have opted to retire or pursue other careers. We are deeply grateful for the time and effort that those who have departed from our fellowship have invested in missionary work with TFI, and wish them well in their current pursuits and career paths.