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Steps to Education

The Family Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

Rita (right) shows beautiful new posters that teach spiritual values and life skills.
Maggie & children--feeling very grateful and loved by The Family for the donation of books.

Our Steps to Education project started in 2006.Steps to Education addresses the urgent need in our modern society to reinforce positive values in children, helping educators and parents to take education beyond just academics, providing moral and character-building material for their training.

Due to today's predominant number of households in which both parents work, there is a dramatic decline in moral teaching in the home because parents just don't have the time. Thus public schools are left with the monumental task of supplying this training for the children. Upon visiting the schools, and hearing from the principals and teachers about the many problems they now face because of the deterioration of moral values at home, we were happy to hear that the STEPS Programme and our other books, videos, and tapes have been very helpful to them.

Teachers who used the STEPS programme. were so encouraged by the results with their children that they helped us produce a promotional documentary about the programme and its benefits. We were able to supply over 300 schools with the Family International's character-building books and educational resources--making a difference in the lives of over 150,000 children.

We regularly attend the monthly meeting, sponsored by the Education Department, of over 200 crèche (day-care facility) owners from disadvantaged communities. The Educational Department emphasized to these crèche owners the importance of using character-building books such as ours to ensure a high standard in early childhood development.

Originally Published in 2008.