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Lost and Found


I didn't know I was lost until I was found!

The first time my path crossed with the Family International was when I was 12 or 13 years old. I saw them at the mall making sculpted balloons and I approached them. I talked with Sarah for some time, and there and then in the middle of the mall I took Jesus into my life as my Savior! Sarah also gave me a little tract, which I kept for a long time. I can remember one time when I felt all alone, crying my eyes out in my room, that I opened my drawer and there was the little tract Sarah had given me so long ago. I read it and cried even more, this time for joy, as I knew someone loved me and that God was with me.

I didn't meet the Family again until I went to a festival. This time I met a woman named Eternity. The Lord was making my path cross with the Family for a reason. Off and on I met up with the Family at different times, and I started corresponding with them.

My teenage years were difficult. I faced serious depression and was battling with illness. I felt like I could not handle it! I ended up in the hospital several times. My heart was all messed up, and I just wanted to die because I felt there was no love for me in this world. But there was! Just before making the decision to move to the capital, Reykjavik, I met the Family again at a festival near my hometown and I saw Sarah again. I came up to her and gave her a hug, and she pointed me to a girl my age also named Sarah. I bonded with her really quickly and told her I was going to move to Reykjavik. She invited me to come visit her Home. But then our paths separated again.

In Reykjavik I went to school and worked at a little café in a mall. After a year of working there I was sent to work at the bakery that baked for the café. And, my friends, God works in mysterious ways! As it turned out, this bakery supplies the Family with bread, and thus I came into contact with them again. One Saturday I finally worked up the courage to visit the Home, and I felt so welcome. I spent the day with the Family, and to tell you the truth, I never felt so good! So much love was in the air!

I could probably write a whole lot more about everything the Family members here have already given me in so little time, and God only knows what more I'll find! I didn't know I was lost until my "Family" found me! And now I have a loving home where I'm always welcomed and I'm so grateful!