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Articles from India

Helping Crime-Affected Children
The Family India has been conducting pre-primary educational programmes for over a decade with children of female prison inmates who reside with their mothers in prison. Read more
Educational Training Programmes and Seminars
Tomorrow’s world will be as morally sound as the children of today make it in the future. We therefore endeavour to provide them with the input that they need to help them become good human beings. Read more
“Deaf Way” Project Update
Helen Keller Awards: In an effort to encourage children from all the schools for the deaf in Delhi to do better academically, we instituted the Helen Keller Student Award. This annual award is the first of its kind and a significant morale booster to the deserving. Read more
Aid for Gujarat Earthquake Victims
On January 26th, India’s Republic Day, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake shook Gujarat state in western India. In New Delhi, 1,000 km (625 mi) to the northeast, tremors from the quake shook our house for 30 seconds. Read more
Rebuilding After the Tamil Nadu Tsunami
The Family India, with the help of several donor agencies was able to provide 59 new houses to the residents of a tsunami-affected village in Tamil Nadu called Ponanthittu. Each of these houses has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and staircase leading up to the terrace. Read more
Emotional Support to Children Post-Tsunami
The tsunami exacted a heavy emotional toll on thousands of children who were traumatized by the disaster. Many of them don’t want to go anywhere near the sea again, others have recurring nightmares, and most live in a state of fear. Read more
Community Boat Project
Thousands upon thousands of fishermen lost their boats in the tsunami, thereby losing the one means they had of supporting themselves and their families. We soon realized that simply giving them relief supplies was not enough. Read more
Naliya After The Quake—First Relief Mission
On January 26, a massive earthquake rocked India and caused staggering devastation in parts of Gujarat state in western India. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands more were left homeless. Read more
Naliya After The Quake—Second Relief Mission
Whenever a natural disaster strikes, it seems the most vulnerable and worst affected are the children. Their physical wounds heal long before the emotional scars. The children who were orphaned, injured, traumatized, and left homeless by the Gujarat earthquake were no exception. Read more
Immediate Relief
The devastation that faced our team of Family India volunteers when we traveled to Tamil Nadu after the South Asian Tsunami was overwhelming! The first task that lay before us was to provide food and essential household items to those who had lost everything they owned. They needed to eat! Read more
Organic Desalination
We have facilitated the desalinating of 60 acres of agricultural land in Kandakaddu in Cuddalore District. This land was rendered useless by the flooding of tsunami salt water. The desalination process was a completely organic process. Read more
Tsunami Relief Housing Project
A fishing village about 20 km (13 mi) south of where we live was severely damaged by the Asian tsunami of December 2004, and 53 families lost their homes. Read more
Programs for Underprivileged Children
The Family India organized Khushiyon ki Bahaar (A Wave of Happiness), a special Children’s Day fair for 2,800 underprivileged children from the National Capital Region. The kids had a delicious lunch, danced, sang, played games, won prizes, and had snacks and cold drinks. Read more