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Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation with a population approaching 240 million, and a wealth of natural resources and a wide diversity of people, cultures, languages and religions. In Indonesia, volunteers for the Family International have worked in cooperation with likeminded groups and people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs to bring relief, hope and encouragement to those in need.

Working with individuals from a diverse range of organizations, we offer assistance such as disaster relief response and trauma therapy, institutional support in a wide variety of situations, food distribution to the underprivileged. Volunteers have also hosted educational seminars and workshops and performing meaningful and motivational programs using puppets, music and dance to provide emotional support and spiritual assistance for people from all walks of life.

Project Highlights

_thumbnail_Francis_supplies_to_Merapi_volcano_victims.jpg Disaster Relief in Indonesia | TFI in Indonesia has assisted in disaster relief throughout the archipelago working together with local officials and other concerned individuals as well as a variety of other organizations such as the Red Cross to offer much-needed assistance to disaster victims. In addition to collecting and distributing basic necessities, we act as facilitating partners in projects such as the tsunami relief projects in Aceh, which included a free mobile medical clinic; a boat-building project for fishermen, and a livelihood project consisting of a restaurant and farm. Our volunteers also conduct hands-on assistance wherever needed which includes operating food kitchens and translating for foreign doctors along with distributing needed food and hygiene supplies. One especially valued service we offer is trauma counseling in the form of personal interaction, lending a listening ear, as well as offering hope and encouragement. TFI in Indonesia has also developed a children’s trauma relief program including puppet shows, music, and fun and meaningful activities. Read more

_thumbnail_Angel_Daniel_Sharon_teachers_seminar_award_ceremony_.JPG Educational Seminars | Working with local officials and educators, TFI in Indonesia presents informative and motivational seminars to instruct teachers and parents on the importance of early learning and character building. The seminars promote a values-based education that is lively and fun and includes “hands on” training via workshops demonstrating the use of a variety of educational and character building materials to aid in effectively teaching and training young students. Along with this, volunteers offer a variety of audio-visual educational materials and reinforcing activity materials to be used with the children in this endeavor.

_thumbnail_TFI_member_John_teaching_at_the_drug_rehab_center__.JPG Institutional Support and Assistance | TFI volunteers offer practical assistance, including procuring and distributing literally tons of needed materials used to make physical improvements and provide necessary items. The friendship, encouragement, counseling, motivational and inspirational programs which volunteers provide to needy institutions including orphanages, handicapped centers, medical and educational centers, cancer centers and drug rehabilitation programs to name a few, help to supplement the dedicated efforts of the professionals, staff and caregivers who work tirelessly in the care and aid of those in need. Read more

_thumbnail_Esther_donating_school_supplies_in_east_Indonesia.JPG East Indonesia Focus | Since the beginning of 2007, TFI in Indonesia has given particular emphasis to helping in the eastern regions of Indonesia. The population of eastern Indonesia exceeds 30,000,000 and consists of many thousands of islands. Some of the areas we work in are among the most underdeveloped in the country. We conduct an ongoing educational support program which has aided dozens of schools in this region, extensively in areas around Ruteng, Ende and Maumere in Flores, as well as Kupang and Atambua in Timor. In Flores, Ambon and Timor, through the generous support of local sponsors, we have been able to distribute many tons of humanitarian supplies to the needy villages. In addition, TFI aided in the locating of interested sponsors which facilitated the construction of a new school building in Atambua along the border of Timor Leste. TFI also sponsors projects in Makassar and Papua providing free health care and hygiene education.