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Mother and Baby Support Group Highlights
Micro Businesses Bring Economic Empowerment We received sponsorship to initiate micro businesses for the members of our Mother’s Club for HIV positive women and their babies. We supplied the women with products of their choice to the value of R1,000 each.
Mother and Baby Support Group
Through this project we support a total of 19 HIV-positive mothers and their babies.
Ray of Hope
There is so much pain and confusion right now in the townships, but we wanted to share a ray of hope which we experienced this month. Our full-time counselor and peer educator, Barbara, had phoned and told us to expect a surprise this Wednesday morning.
Mother's Club Activities
In the past few months the local clinic referred more mothers to our Mother's Club for young HIV-positive mothers and their babies. We now have 17 mothers and babies, and it is encouraging to see them able to talk about their status and make short-term and long-term plans.
Carpet a Creche Campaign, Diepsloot
Every year we work to upgrade the crèches (childcare facility) in Diepsloot in some way. Most of the babies and toddlers take their naps during the day on cement floors, often with just a thin blanket underneath them. Most crèches have very little carpet.
Combating Disease and Starvation
After spending 2004 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), carrying out humanitarian projects and sharing the message of God’s love in Jesus, escalating violence in the country’s ongoing civil war forced us out. Recently, four of us returned for six weeks.