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The Family International South Africa

Mandela Day
Nelson Mandela’s birthday is celebrated every year throughout the country but last year it became an official United Nations Day.
Food Distribution
Through sponsorship from the Lion’s Club, Durbanville, we received over ten tons of rice, samp (cornmeal mush), beans, and split peas to distribute. Volunteers helped unload this massive amount of food and piled it high on 16 palettes.
Christian Outreach
Each day our volunteers go out to share the Good News with those from all walks of life brings new tests as well as triumphs. During 2007 we distributed over 120,000 tracts and nearly 9,000 Activated magazines.
Help and Hope for Children
Since our project’s earliest beginning we have supplied food to feed between 500 to 700 children a warm, nutritious meal five days a week in the two townships of Bloekombos and Wallacedene. As victims of their circumstances, these children, aged 2–14, desperately need hope for the future.
Homes for Unwed Mothers and Abused Women and Children
Since the beginning of 2004 volunteers from Project Helping Hand have been visiting homes for unwed mothers and abused women and children. It began with supplying baby needs (cots, strollers, clothes, etc.
Helping Hand, Cape Town - 2007 Statistics
(Email: helpinghand@telkomsa.net; Tel: 072 4437846) We were able to locally collect and distribute ZAR 3,191,584 worth of goods during 2007 (approximately 280,000 euros).
All in a Day
Lesotho Academy of Arts is a school that we visit and help on our mission trips to Lesotho. When we arrived this month, the staff was quite discouraged. They had no gas for cooking, little paraffin for heating, no phone, almost no electricity, and no food!
Showers of Blessings
It had been an unusually cold and wet week. In fact, half of our team was stuck in Durban due to snow on the mountain pass between there and home. (This is Africa!