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The Family International Africa: Projects

Activated Library – Soweto (1)

Activated Programme/Online mailings
Activated! is a monthly Christian magazine which we have been distributing on a subscription basis in our city and in others for more than ten years now. The total number of subscriptions to date has topped the 3,000 mark.

Aid Distribution (20)

Food Distribution
Mandela Day
Nelson Mandela’s birthday is celebrated every year throughout the country but last year it became an official United Nations Day.
Aid Distribution & Charity Shows
The Family International in Port Harcourt has endeavored to assist our community however possible. Throughout the last two years, various families who have fallen on hard times have received needed food and household items, along with finances for school fees and/or to help meet payments.

Aid to the disadvantaged (4)

Development Aid: Agriculture, Water, Electricity
Jungle Mission Trips
We have started work in the small isolated village of Razanaka, a village with no running water, electricity, roads or cars.
Hearing from God
I’m Alain Kanku, a lieutenant of the Democratic Republic of Congo Army (FARDC). I met Richard (a long time TFI member) and his family in Goma, in November 2010. I received a small gospel tract. When I read it, the message encouraged me to invite Jesus into my heart, to be my Savior and Lord.

Aid-Homes and Orphanages (10)

Project at the Ankadivory Orphanage
In late 2010 the CBA, “Centre de Bienfaisance d’Ankadivory”, a home to 75 orphans and school to more than 240 children from three very poor villages was burnt to the ground. The fire completely destroyed the home, the school building, and all the centre’s belongings and equipment.
Green Leaf Orphanage, Morondavakely
Our volunteers offer our support to this children’s center which houses, feeds and schools 70–90 orphans, abused, and at-risk children. We organise volunteers to host activities and events, including children’s parties and painting activities.
Life Caring Orphanage
Recently we began working with the “Life Caring Orphanage”, which cares for orphans from babyhood until they are grown and able to care for themselves. We’ve recently delivered 13 brand new mattresses for the orphans and donated a freezer, and other food items.

Aid-Medical (2)

Olives Rehabilitation Center
Objectives of the Olives Rehabilitation Center The Olives Rehabilitation Center is a compassionate Christian response program, which aims to assist children at risk from neglect, abuse, and malnutrition due to extreme poverty.
Changing Lives
We met Michael and his brother, Steven, seven years ago in Mombassa. They came to our door after they had received a call from the Lord to start a work with children in one of the local slums.

Aid-Medical-Other (4)

Health Care and Maternity
Zaria update – Completion of VVF building and renovation of old VVF ward
The VVF Vocational Training Center and Recovery Ward that we began building in October 2006 is now completed and up and running. Two of our volunteers spent a week in Zaria, where we completed the final touches on the building itself, as well as on the adjacent kitchen and bathroom.
Personal Testimony from Suwaida
My name is Suwaida Abubukar. I come from a small village called Jardarji, very close to Daura in Katsina state, Nigeria. Female education was not emphasized when I was growing up, so I got very little or no education. When I was 16 years of age, I got married to a man almost twice my age.

Christian Leadership and Ministry Training (3)

12 Foundation Stones Bible Course
The Family International in Port Harcourt has been teaching the 12 Foundation Stones Bible Course for several years now; the aim of the course being practical application of fundamental Christian principles. The course runs for 6 months with classes taught on a weekly basis.
"12 Foundation Stones" Training Courses
Since the beginning of 2004, The Family International in Port Harcourt has been running the 12 Foundation Stones Bible study course.
More on Bible Courses
So far, volunteers have taught 123 classes to the 475 people enrolled in the course.Student reactions to Bible courses: Abiodun Many thanks for the Bible courses! They are all well received.

Education (5)

Adult & Child Training Courses/Moral-Instilling DVDs
For several years the popular children’s course—the STEPs Program—created by Aurora Productions, has been a wonderful teaching tool for many schools, Sunday schools, day care centers and families in Nigeria. It comprises two courses: Foundations of Faith and Character Building.
HIV/AIDS Education
Our school programme for HIV/AIDS education is a big hit with the children. We mix information with drama and music in a dynamic, fast-moving programme, which involves a lot of interaction with the students.
The Three Desert Team
A team of some of our teenagers and young volunteers embarked on a trip through the arid landscape of three deserts: the Karoo, the Namib, and the Kalahari, with a mission to make a difference in the lives of other young people.

Education-disadvantaged (3)

Education and Enrichment activities
Ruth Speaks Out about Gwako School
My name is Ruth and my husband is Joshua Abu. We both come from Ado and Apa local government, Benue state, Nigeria. I got married when I was 19 and my husband was 36. Both my parents and my husband's parents are very poor. My husband was married before with two children. His first wife passed away.
More on Gwako School
In the year 2001, our organization sent a team to survey Gwako village and other surrounding villages in Abuja. We discovered that many of the people living in these villages were Gwari farmers, who were systematically losing their farmlands to development.

Empowerment of Women and Micro-enterprise Schemes (1)

Women Empowerment and Micro-enterprise schemes

Leadership Training (1)

Leadership Training

Mass Media-Radio (1)

Radio: Night Light
Our late-night radio programme Night Light has been on air nightly for three years now. We have built up a regular listening audience from a wide cross section of Ugandan society—from students and business people to government officials. The show airs at a convenient time; between 9:30 and 11 P.M.

Outreach-Evangelization (1)

Community Outreach
In the course of our mission work we encounter many needs.

Performances - General (1)

Annual Christmas Programme
On the 12th of December 2010 The Family International in Port-Harcourt organized and hosted our fourth annual Year End/Christmas show for about 170 of our friends, members, supporters, and Activated! subscribers. This has been the largest show to date that we single-handedly organized.

Prison Ministry, Johannesburg (1)

Seeds of Hope Germinate in Prison
One of our friends, Lukia, has an ongoing ministry to the inmates of a women’s prison here in Uganda. A number of these women were simply near the scene of a crime and so were rounded up by the police. Then, without the means to afford proper representation, they languish in prison indefinitely.

Secondary School Youth Clubs, Johannesburg (1)

Actions at the Antanimora Jail (central Jail of Antananarivo)
Since 2000, we have been regularly visiting the minor (underage) prisoners whose numbers vary from 60 to more than 100, offering moral and emotional support and spiritual counselling, as well as material needs such as new bedding and mattresses, regular supplements of rice, eggs, fish, breakfasts,

Slum Disaster Relief, Johannesburg (4)

Help for the refugees of xenophobia – June 2008
During the recent xenophobic attacks, our Sunday Club grew as children joined us from the refugee tents, which were not far from our site.
Love in Action versus Xenophobia – No competition!
Instant Playground and Fun Day at the Refugee Camp A refugee camp was set up in our area to house the victims of the xenophobia attacks that were happening here, and we were first on the scene to help. Surrounded by thick and high barbed wire, the camp is somewhat depressing.
Thousands of Easter Chicks, Johannesburg
Easter was suddenly upon us. We had no chocolate eggs to give out, as we usually do, to the children of the township where we work. We have used the eggs to illustrate and help the children to understand and celebrate Easter.

Sport Against Crime, Johannesburg (1)

Sport Against Crime
Limpopo––Reaching Out in the Rural Areas On a recent visit to Limpopo we were able to spend time with some of the members of the Sport Against Crime youth group. There are 120 teenagers in the group, and they have been managing with only one football between them for several months!

Steps to Education, Cape Town (1)

More on Steps to Education
Our Steps to Education project started in 2006.Steps to Education addresses the urgent need in our modern society to reinforce positive values in children, helping educators and parents to take education beyond just academics, providing moral and character-building material for their training.

Supporting the AIDS Sector through Project Hope, Durban (4)

HIV programs
A team of our volunteers travelled to Phalaborwa in Limpopo to conduct HIV/AIDS programs for rural schools, where they were very well received. We received thank you letters with the following comments: “Our learners have received several workshops and lectures on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Project Hope
Project Hope currently administers the following programmes: HIV/AIDS counseling Bible-based education that promotes lifestyle changes that help in HIV/AIDS infection prevention HIV/AIDS awareness seminars Counseling Conflict resolution Collecting and distributing nutritional
The Story of Sally
HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest social and economic challenges in Kenya today. It has had, and continues to have, a devastating impact on all sectors of society. Although in recent years the national prevalence has reduced slightly, Kenyans currently living with HIV/AIDS number 1.

The Ik: A marginalized tribe in northeast Uganda (1)

The Ik: A marginalized tribe in northeast Uganda
We were contacted by former missionaries to the Ik to see if we would be able to help by recording Bible stories in the Icetot (pronounced i-che-tot) language for a marginalized tribe, the Ik, who live on the peaks of mountains on the Kenyan/Ugandan border escarpment.