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Leadership Training

Espoir Congo
Posted in 2016

12 Foundation Stones graduation ceremony 2015

12 Foundation Stones graduates in 2011

Bible distribution to Olivier, one of our main teachers

Bible distribution

Cedric receiving Bibles to distribute in his prison ministry

Distribution of 12 Foundation Stones teachers’ manuals to graduates during retreat 2016

Bible distribution

Cedric and Clotilde praying for the sick

Display of TFI products at cyber cafe run by Olivier

Gino conducting a Bible study

Olivier distributing gospel literature at a university

Watching video of TFI Core Values

Retreat/seminar 2011

Showing “Beyond Armaggedon” to an American Club in Protestant University

Showing of “Countdown to Armaggedon” in a university

Clotilde, Mylene and other TFI members during an outreach activity with our Bible students

Student reading an Activated magazine at cyber cafe run by Olivier

Monthly TFI fellowship

Thierry teaching 12 Foundation Stones

Thierry leading inspiration

United prayer during TFI fellowship

Workshop presentation during seminar

Retreat 2016

Thierry –Our main teacher

Thierry leading inspiration

Theo and Florence

Some of our Congolese members

Olivier teaching the 12 Foundation Stones to Larichesse


Gino, Clotilde, Mylene, Theo, Florence and family

Gino and Clotilde with Theo and Florence’s family

Olivier teaching the 12 Foundation Stones to Judith

Gerse teaching 12 Foundation Stones