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He Can Heal Anything!

By Israel

Before I joined the Family I would work 365 days per year in a restaurant owned by my family. And each evening I would go out dancing and drinking. Then one day I started feeling very poorly. I went to see the doctor, thinking it couldn't be much, although I was having difficulty walking. The doctor told me I had cancer and that he needed to operate right away or I would die.

I felt like someone had pulled the rug out from under me. When I returned home, my brothers told me I should go to the capital to get a second opinion. So I visited a specialist. He confirmed that I did in fact have cancer, and that it was a life-and-death situation. He didn't even let me go home, but immediately admitted me to the hospital and prepared me for surgery.

After the surgery, the doctor wanted to give me radiation treatment as well, but I decided not to undergo that, and to trust that God would heal me. One of my aunts, Irma, never stopped praying for me. I asked the Lord to give me another opportunity to live, and told Him that if He did, I would give my life to serve Him.

Two weeks after the operation I went in for a checkup, and the doctor told me that my cancer had miraculously disappeared. I can only thank the Lord for His mercy.

A little over a month later I decided to keep my promise to God to serve Him if He healed me, and I joined the Family International. I want to let everyone know that Jesus has power to heal any disease, no matter how serious it is.

It has been many months since my operation, and every day I am getting better and regaining my strength.

My life has changed greatly and quite miraculously. To start with, my body is working just great. It is a miracle of the Lord! I have also seen great changes in my life spiritually since I joined the Family International. I have stopped worrying about myself and my personal "needs," such as having a house, a car, and luxuries. I have learned to witness and tell others about the Lord--about His love and power.

I am very thankful for the second chance the Lord gave me to live, and to live for Him.