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Character Education for Teenagers

Tomorrow’s world will be as morally sound as the children of today make it in the future. We therefore endeavour to provide them with the input that they need to help them become good human beings.

We have seen that students will learn best the subjects that they enjoy the most. That is why, in order to effectively reach and teach them, the “have fun while you learn” method works very well. We have thus found that music and theater are very effective methods of teaching students good values.

We conduct character-building seminars and programmes for middle and senior school students. Our methodology involves approaching pertinent and relevant themes with just the right balance of serious input and lively music, skits, and group activities.

For high school students we conduct seminars on pertinent topics such as peer pressure, leadership, communication skills and time management.

We also organize outreach projects and programmes in which students from well-to-do backgrounds are given the opportunity to reach out to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and participate in educational and recreational activities with them.