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The Family International North America: Projects

Food and clothing distribution (1)

Food and Clothing Distribution
We have received many letters and words of thanks from the following institutions for our regular deliveries of food donations and have enjoyed working with the staff to meet the tremendous need.

Grief counseling (1)

Grief counseling
All those who attend the weekly “grief counseling” session have recently lost a close family member. Following are some of their thoughts on the help they’ve received.

Music ministry (2)

Music Ministry
Music with a message! Music can have a positive or negative effect, depending on the message that the artist wishes to convey. Our band seeks to convey a message of encouragement, peace, and happiness to others. Our singing team regularly performs in restaurants around the city.
Our Music Therapy Ministry
We’ve participated in the Karmanos Cancer Institute NAAMA (National Arab American Medical Association) Walk for Women’s Cancer, volunteering our time and musical talent for this yearly event.

Outreach-Evangelization (2)

A Peek Into Tommy's Window
Editors’ note: Tommy’s Window is a website featuring a collection of PowerPoint slideshows on a variety of inspirational subjects. In addition to the slides, there are excerpts from news articles and clippings, as well as passages from Family International books.
Bringing Aid to Mexico
When my husband Peter’s 76-year-old sister Moreen visited us from England for two weeks, we took her on one of our humanitarian aid trips to an island in the Gulf of Mexico that was devastated by Hurricane Emily last year.