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The Family International Central and Eastern Europe: Projects

Aid Distribution (4)

Humanitarian Aid - Project Highlights
Donating Goods to Underprivileged Families and Children For many years Family members in Bucharest have been working closely with various placement centers, schools for children with special needs, and other institutions hosting disadvantaged children.
Little Is Much if God Is in It
What started out as a small donation of shoes, clothing, and a little food soon grew to much more than any of us expected.
To Vukovar, with love
The city of Vukovar is situated in eastern Croatia, on the Danube River, close to the Serbian border. After Croatia voted for independence from Yugoslavia in June 1991, civil war broke out and the city was under Serbian siege for three months. Vukovar fell to the Serbs in November 1991.

Aid-Homes and Orphanages (1)

Helping Children in Need - Project Highlights
Transitional Home, Bacau Volunteers from the Family International have done years of hands-on work in orphanages in different locations in Romania and Moldova. In Bacau, Family members initiated a transitional home for young orphan women, which became a model for local officials.

Aid-Medical (1)

New Hands for New Life
For nearly a year, we have been conducting a vocational training program in the women's section of a prison here in Baia-Mare, Romania. It all began when a social worker from the prison system saw us caroling in a restaurant and arranged for us to do a Christmas show in the prison.

Children's shows (1)

More on Children's shows
Many orphanages and families send their children to special resorts (camps and sanatoriums) during summer.

Education (1)

Education and Distribution of Educational Materials
Volunteers of the Family International donated educational materials to several children's institutions, including two kindergartens in Bucharest, a kindergarten in Valcea, the social center in Urziceni, and the local school in Marie Curie Children’s Hospital.

Monthly Institution Visitation Program, Slovenia (3)

Saint Nicolas Comes to Town
During a conversation with one of our local friends, he mentioned St. Nicolas’ Day (December 19th, in the Ukraine), and the more we talked about it, the more we realized that this was a terrific opportunity to meet and minister to people.
More on helping the poor and needy
Throughout the year of 2006, we spent approximately 1,200 man-hours soliciting charitable aid from local businesses, picking up donated products, and personally distributing the items to those in need.
Albania "Distance Adoption" Program
Our project "Distance Adoption" consists of taking on the care of children from needy families. We focus on their standard of living, their education, and their moral and spiritual training.

Outreach-Youth Outreach (1)

Christmas Sunshine
Sonce v Srcu (Sun in the Heart) is a registered Family International volunteer project.

Performances - General (1)

Clown Therapy
Twice a week we visit an institution in Rijeka (either a hospital, handicapped center, senior citizens’ home, orphanage, etc.) dressed up as clowns, in order to sing and cheer people up. This project also allows local young people to participate, who would like to experience volunteer work.

Performances - Senior citizen (2)

Rejuvenating Our Senior Citizens
Since 2005 our team has carried out an ongoing program called Rejuvenating Our Senior Citizens, assisting the local charity, Camin Spital Sf. Luca. The program includes organizing monthly birthday luncheons honoring those who have their birthday during the month.
Easter Visit
A highlight of the year was the Easter concert we organized for the elderly. The director of the old folks home opened the concert with a little introduction, and expressed her appreciation for our work and collaboration with her institution.

Programs-Hospital visitation (1)

Hospital Visitation
Easter 2009 – Bucharest, Romania Family volunteers joined efforts in a special Easter drive, making the holiday a memorable experience for many children and elderly in several hospitals and institutions, including Fundeni Oncopediatry Ward, Grigore Alexandrescu Pediatric Hospital, School No.

Programs-Prison (3)

Helping Inmates in Penitentiaries
Over the past four years we have been assisting the authorities at Jilava Penitentiary. Some highlights for the last two years are: In 2007: Easter program for 150 prisoners. We sang songs and read portions from the Activated magazine, which we later distributed to all.
Behind Green Gates
We have been assisting the local charity, Rescue Foundation, in their work with prisoners in the maximum-security penitentiary of Aiud (a city near Cluj), a prison with over 1,000 men and women prisoners. It is an incredible feeling one has upon entering the three sets of huge green gates.
Highlights of Our Prison Ministry
Some highlights of our prison ministry: A Christmas show in the men’s section. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the women’s section. For this occasion we prepare songs, some reading material, cards, and gifts for the women. Celebrating Mother’s Day in the women’s section.

Programs-Vocational-technology (1)

Workshops are held in Bucharest and Cluj on topics related to working in healthcare facilities, enhancing one's role within the community, and working with children and adults who have special needs.

Seminars-General (3)

Volunteers of the Family International initiated the following seminars in Bucharest: In 2008: An Anti-Vice Seminar was held at the Sports School Number 190, in cooperation with the proximity police officers of Sector 4, the schools in the city of Voluntari and Jilava Penitentiary.
Bible Seminars
Every Sunday afternoon since September 2005, we have hosted a fellowship for those who want to spend some time away from their daily routine, learn more about the Bible and how to apply its principles to everyday life.
Other Seminars in Rijeka
We hosted three seminars--one evening session on clown therapy for an audience of approximately 200, followed by a three-week training course for new clowns; one three-day seminar for ten attendees on various aspects of volunteering; and we started an ongoing parenting seminar, mainly for parents

Summer camps (1)

Summer Camps
We held two volunteer training camps for 18 attendees during the months of July and August. Each of the camps lasted one week.