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Changed Lives

Saved from a Living Hell
Ricardo Garcia
My early 30s were the most troubled times in my life. I was living in the hell of addictions daily. I was immersed in a world of alcohol, vices and selfish living, and was destroying my life, career and family. Read more
The Power of a Tract
David Lykins
I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the nineties, a time of turmoil in that great land. I was there as a missionary, working on contract as a project coordinator with the International Red Cross. Read more
After 28 Years of Loneliness, Real Love!
By Sara
Years ago, a young woman of 21 started on the most terrible odyssey. She had just begun to live when everything collapsed. She wouldn't go out, wouldn't go swimming, and wouldn't take a bus. She couldn't stand to be alone, and she couldn't stand to be with others. Read more
Saved from Drugs, Organized Crime, and Witchcraft!
By James
I spent most of my life in search of the ultimate high, and tried everything from drugs to witchcraft and the rave scene, but in the end it was Jesus Christ who gave me the ultimate high I had been seeking. Read more
Closer to God
By Nik
I'd come to Thailand for business purposes and there met one of the Family International's members. I was amazed to discover that your disciples are truly living and spreading the pure message of God. I have read some of the books of David Brandt Berg, and the more I read, the closer I get to God. Read more
I Found the Answer
By Magali
Every evening I go online and visit the Activated website . I read the past issues, the proverb for the day, and the books that are offered--it is really a source of enrichment. It is incredible how every day I find the answer to a personal question. Read more
A New Life
By Marlene
When I'd look at how my daughter Sharon's health was so poor, even after having been on medication for 18 years, how my husband's business had gone bankrupt after years of struggles, and how he was having an affair with another woman, I'd wonder if I had what it takes to cope with life. Read more
Swept Away!
By Shine
I'm from a very small town in Pennsylvania. My mom was into the punk music of that time period. She was in a few different bands, doing drugs, living in a musicians' commune, and soon met a guy on the same track and got married. Read more
Down the memory lane of a mis-educated individual
By Michael
In 1996 I was accepted as a student at UNZA (University of Zambia), an opportunity that I hoped would enable me to resolve the fundamental problems of life, the nature of the universe, and everything. Read more
He Can Heal Anything!
By Israel
Before I joined the Family I would work 365 days per year in a restaurant owned by my family. And each evening I would go out dancing and drinking. Then one day I started feeling very poorly. I went to see the doctor, thinking it couldn't be much, although I was having difficulty walking. Read more

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