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Tsunami Relief Work

_thumbnail_03.jpg The tsunami that hit the Southeast Asian region in December 2004, resulted in the worst disaster ever in Thailand’s history. As was witnessed worldwide, in a matter of minutes, an idyllic holiday paradise was thrown into a maelstrom of devastation, death, confusion, grief, loss, and pain of body and spirit. The need for assistance was dire and immediate. Government action was swift, yet the needs seemed to be endless. A two-pronged relief plan enabled a team of Family members to arrive within a day after the disaster hit, while some teams stayed back to collect donated goods for the survivors. Family members served in various ways, from acting as translators, to helping foreigners who were seeking their missing loved ones, to serving as cooks and caregivers. However, perhaps the most important service of all was our role as grief counselors to the traumatized survivors, both adults and children alike.