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Articles from Thailand

Wat Sa Kaew Orphanage
An orphanage located an hour away from Bangkok houses 1,700 orphans and very poor children. The Buddhist monks who run the institution have to raise an enormous amount of finances and material assistance to be able to house, feed, and educate these children. Read more
Bahn Rachawitee Girls Home Project
TFI members have visited Bahn Rachawitee is a Girls Home for orphaned and abused girls and conducted many programs for the girls over the years. Recently the daughter of one of our friends, who owns a noodle shop contacted us for help in organizing a community service for her university class. Read more
Pra Phutthabhat Girl’s Home
For the past 15 years TFI members John and Sarah have worked together with the Pra Phutthabat Girl’s Home in Suraburi province which cares for 175 girls ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. Read more
Suan Dek Development Center for Intellectually Challenged Children
Suan Dek is a day care center project dedicated to strengthening and maximizing the potential of the 25 intellectually challenged children. The children have autism, Down Syndrome or another mental or physical disability. The children range in age from 8 years to teenage. Read more
Hours Of Joy Heal Wounds Of The Heart
The girls' curious expressions turned into big, happy smiles. It was a special day. For a while they could forget that they came from broken homes, had lost their parents, or had parents in jail. Today their hearts' desires would be answered. Read more
Onut Waste Disposal Daycare Centers
As part of an ongoing projects TFI members John and Sarah regularly visit the Onut Waste Disposal Daycare centers where they spend quality time with the children and most recently made possible the donation of a new computer to the center as well as toys, notebooks and a special lunch. Read more
Teaching Others To Help Others
The joy of serving others and helping the disadvantaged—this is what we were able to offer a group of enthusiastic young people. Read more
Disaster Relief in the Aftermath of Killer Floods—Part 1
In early August, heavy rains in northeastern Thailand triggered a series of flash floods. In some districts, the flooding was the worst in memory. Over 150 lives were lost, hundreds more injured, thousands displaced, and livelihoods swept away by the raging waters. Read more
Disaster Relief in the Aftermath of Killer Floods—Part 2
In early August, heavy rains in northeastern Thailand triggered a series of flash floods, claiming over 150 lives, injuring hundreds, and leaving thousands displaced. Read more
Tsunami Relief Work
The Family International visited camps which were scattered all over the two main islands affected. Mountain refuges, remote villages, hospitals, and Buddhist temples were all turned into relief centers and centers for missing persons. Read more
Award for Continuing Education Program
The Family International received an award from the Thai government for our continuing education program with juveniles in detention. This program comprises a series of bi-weekly educational classes that combine teaching English to the boys with leadership training. Read more
Bahn Bang Kae Senior Citizen’s Home
We were so happy to have our children invited to perform at the Bahn Bang Kae Home for over 100 Senior Citizens on "Songkran" which is the Thai New Year. This is a special day when everyone around the country visits their families to pay respect to their elders and their ancestors. Read more
The Elderly not Forgotten
At the Golden Years Home for the Elderly, wheelchairs formed neat rows in the courtyard, a resident in each one and a look of anticipation on each weathered face. Read more
Seminar, and Book Distribution in Angtong, Thailand
We were able to contact the director of the largest primary school in Angtong through flood relief work we did a previous year. The children come from underprivileged families and often lack in many basic necessities. Read more
Thonburi Slum Daycare Center Community Project
TFI members Sunny, Paul and Mary regularly visit the Thonburi Slum Daycare Center Community Project to assist in the care and education of the young children. Read more
Charity project at Bahn Tahsalao School
TFI members had great fun organizing games and activities for the over 100 school children at Bhan Tahsalao school, an under privileged school in Pechaburi province in upcountry Thailand. Read more