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The Family International South Asia: Projects

Aid Distribution (2)

Reaching Out in Flores in East Indonesia
For the past four years TFI volunteers have made regular visits to help the people in the villages of West Flores Island.
My First Shoes
Several months ago, Family members in Japan received a donation of 18,000 new pairs of shoes, to be sent as humanitarian aid to the Third World.

Aid to the disadvantaged (5)

Suan Dek Development Center for Intellectually Challenged Children
Suan Dek is a day care center project dedicated to strengthening and maximizing the potential of the 25 intellectually challenged children. The children have autism, Down Syndrome or another mental or physical disability. The children range in age from 8 years to teenage.
Onut Waste Disposal Daycare Centers
As part of an ongoing projects TFI members John and Sarah regularly visit the Onut Waste Disposal Daycare centers where they spend quality time with the children and most recently made possible the donation of a new computer to the center as well as toys, notebooks and a special lunch.
More on Resettlement Village Project
We've been able to complete the repair or rebuilding of 20 houses for the poorest families and organize free medical check-ups by local doctors, and supply the needed medication for 75 middle-age and elderly people.

Aid-Homes and Orphanages (6)

A Trip to Timor Island
Angel, a TFI member, along with a dear Korean friend visited Timor Island where they joined TFI Volunteer Nicolas at two orphanages outside Kupang bringing needed supplies of clothing, shoes, school books, bags and supplies, toys, and character building books for the children.
Pra Phutthabhat Girl’s Home
For the past 15 years TFI members John and Sarah have worked together with the Pra Phutthabat Girl’s Home in Suraburi province which cares for 175 girls ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old.
Charity project for Bahn Rachawitee Girls Home
TFI members have visited Bahn Rachawitee is a Girls Home for orphaned and abused girls and conducted many programs for the girls over the years. Recently the daughter of one of our friends, who owns a noodle shop contacted us for help in organizing a community service for her university class.

Aid-Medical (1)

Helping the residents of Pasi
Since November 2005, Family Care International-supported doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have been making regular visits to Pasi, working with YIN, our faithful partners in Aceh. This project has been an exciting joint venture--successful due to a truly cooperative effort.

Child Development Programmes (10)

NICI and TFI Team Event
Eighty-five employees of NICI (Nestle Indofood in Indonesia) along with volunteers from TFI visited Pulau Sembilangan to paint the new school building Madrasah Aliyah.
Thonburi Slum Daycare Center Community Project
TFI members Sunny, Paul and Mary regularly visit the Thonburi Slum Daycare Center Community Project to assist in the care and education of the young children.
Charity project at Bahn Tahsalao School
TFI members had great fun organizing games and activities for the over 100 school children at Bhan Tahsalao school, an under privileged school in Pechaburi province in upcountry Thailand.

Education (1)

Seminar, and Book Distribution in Angtong, Thailand
We were able to contact the director of the largest primary school in Angtong through flood relief work we did a previous year. The children come from underprivileged families and often lack in many basic necessities.

Education and Training (5)

The “Tools for Schools” Sponsorship Programme
We have co-produced and put together a library of unique character-building materials for school children called Tools for Schools.
Initiatives for Junior School Children
Our young people conduct unique, interactive, and high-impact music and theatre programmes highlighting values that we would all like to see in children.
Character Education for Teenagers
Tomorrow’s world will be as morally sound as the children of today make it in the future. We therefore endeavour to provide them with the input that they need to help them become good human beings. We have seen that students will learn best the subjects that they enjoy the most.

Empowering the Hearing Impaired (1)

“Deaf Way” Project Update
Helen Keller Awards: In an effort to encourage children from all the schools for the deaf in Delhi to do better academically, we instituted the Helen Keller Student Award. This annual award is the first of its kind and a significant morale booster to the deserving.

Homes for the Elderly (2)

Charity project for the Bahn Bang Kae Senior Citizen’s Home
We were so happy to have our children invited to perform at the Bahn Bang Kae Home for over 100 Senior Citizens on "Songkran" which is the Thai New Year. This is a special day when everyone around the country visits their families to pay respect to their elders and their ancestors.
The Elderly not Forgotten
At the Golden Years Home for the Elderly, wheelchairs formed neat rows in the courtyard, a resident in each one and a look of anticipation on each weathered face.

Hospital Visitation (1)

From Japan With Love
“It’s wonderful to have you back!” The head doctor’s assistant at the Phnom Penh Pediatrics Hospital gushed with enthusiasm as he led us from the parking lot to the main building. “We can’t wait to see the show!

Outreach-Youth Outreach (2)

"A Wave of Happiness"
The Family India organized Khushiyon ki Bahaar (A Wave of Happiness), a special Children’s Day fair for 2,800 underprivileged children from the National Capital Region. The kids had a wonderful time! They ate a delicious lunch, danced, sang, played games, won prizes, and had snacks and cold drinks.
Family Counseling
We offer counseling to the parents of children who attend our English classes once a week, and in getting to know the parents, we’ve found that they all need the Lord’s love in different ways.

Performances - School (1)

Christmas in March
When we hold English camps at the request of a school, we also try to help the teachers, staff, and children connect with God and His love at every opportunity. One such opportunity arose as I was teaching 130 children English songs.

Relief-Disaster (15)

TFI Relief Efforts at the Mt. Merapi Volcano Disaster in Central Java
Several teams of TFI members mobilized just days after the first eruption of the Merapi volcano in central Java to help victims and evacuees of the explosion.
Trauma Healing for Earthquake Victims in Padang West Sumatra
One of the common side-effects of natural disasters such as the massive earthquake in West Sumatra is fear and trauma. Usually the most seriously affected are children, especially those who have lost members of their family, friends, or their homes.
Organic Desalination
We have facilitated the desalinating of 60 acres of agricultural land in Kandakaddu in Cuddalore District. This land was rendered useless by the flooding of tsunami salt water. The desalination process was a completely organic process.

Remand Centers for Delinquent Youth (1)

Award for Continuing Education Program
The Family International received an award from the Thai government for our continuing education program with juveniles in detention. This program comprises a series of bi-weekly educational classes that combine teaching English to the boys with leadership training.

Tsunami Relief Work (2)

Tsunami Relief Project Reaches a Milestone
A fishing village about 20 km (13 mi) south of where we live was severely damaged by the Asian tsunami of December 2004, and 53 families lost their homes.
More on Tsunami Relief Work
The Family International visited camps which were scattered all over the two main islands affected. Mountain refuges, remote villages, hospitals, and Buddhist temples were all turned into relief centers and centers for missing persons.