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The Family International Asia Pacific: Projects

Aid-Homes and Orphanages (2)

Donating Educational Materials to Daycare Centers in Parañaque
During December 2007, Family International volunteers were able to assist over 1000 children in poor schools with food staples such as rice, canned goods, and biscuits.
Able to Laugh Again
We have visited a home for abandoned elderly women several times over the past few years, and we recently increased our visits to once a month. Our five boys sing to the women, which not only makes them very happy, but also inspires the Catholic nuns and volunteers who care for them.

Aid-Medical (2)

Comfort for the Needy
We were invited to take part in the anniversary ceremony and celebration of a local hospital that offers free care to the underprivileged. Andy, Marie, and their children sang and performed, much to the delight of the audience, which included both patients and hospital staff.
God's Love Changes Hospital
Over a space of about two years, Maggie and I, with the help of other Family members, have taught over 80 Bible classes and offered individual counseling to the directors and department heads at a local hospital.

Aid-Medical-Dental (4)

Nice Smile
The Nice Smile free dental clinic is part of Channel of Hope, a project of the Family International in Cebu, the most densely populated of the more than 7,100 Philippine islands.
Dental Project Update
The Cebu Dental Society, which we have worked with in the past, asked that we do a puppet show at their special activity during Dental Month. We put together a new 40-minute show focusing on health, hygiene, and the care of our teeth, which our teen and preteen puppeteers presented beautifully.
Dental Mission 2003
We held our first dental mission last year—a project that was conceived after I attended a series of operations on children with harelip or cleft palate. The condition of the children's teeth was shocking. Clearly something needed to be done.

Assisting the homeless (1)

Help for the Homeless
Every Saturday night we feed the homeless in Gifu City. We usually give a rich hot bowl of noodles or a homemade obento (boxed meal) and bananas. We also give motivational publications and pray for each of the 15 or 20 people we feed.

Education-disadvantaged (1)

Nutrition Program Gains International Sponsor
Jenny, a Filipina-American living in Chicago, had wanted for many years to do charity work in her parents’ homeland, the Philippines, which she hadn’t visited in 16 years.

Outreach-Christian counseling (1)

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Outlook
When we took our regular supply of donated fruit and veggies from the market to a local women’s refuge, a woman we hadn’t met before came out to receive the delivery. She explained that she had worked at this refuge over a year ago, and recently returned.

Outreach-Youth Outreach (3)

English Corner - Taipei Youth Outreach
The English Corner is a place where young people can come every week to practice their English and have live conversations with foreign friends.
Taipei youth outreach
Angelia (20): “I used to be very bad-tempered, and I only thought about myself. Now I want to be more kind to others and make them happy instead of only myself. I’m happy to have known the Family for the past two years.
A Turning Point
The FreeZone Youth Activity Center, established and staffed by the Taipei branch of the Family International, holds Bible classes, and offers counseling and other activities to help Taipei’s youth build a positive outlook on life and become good citizens.

Performances - General (1)

Music, Laughter, and God's Love!
I watched to see how people would react as our team of 15 lively teenagers, decked out in face paint and eye-catching costumes, boarded a subway car packed with rush-hour commuters. Surprised looks soon turned to smiles as the young people greeted them and explained what they were up to.

Performances - Senior citizen (1)

Christmas Cheer to Retirees
Every Christmas, members of our Family International community visit a nearby retirement home to interact with the elderly residents, and bring some warmth and cheer into their lives.

Post-typhoon Yolanda disaster relief (1)

Post-typhoon Yolanda disaster relief
On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda struck, causing catastrophic destruction in the Visayas. Typhoon Yolanda, the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, particularly affected Samar and Leyte, where most residents lost some family members or relatives.

Programs-Hospital visitation (1)

Pediatric Cancer Ward
HISTORY: In late 1997 we began visiting patients admitted to the Cancer Institute pediatric ward, as well as the outpatients who frequent the hospital for medication and checkups.

Programs-Prison (3)

Women's Prison Ministry
"I was in prison and you came to visit Me.
Cebu Prison Ministry Update
For the past three years, we have been teaching Bible studies and motivational classes at the local women’s prison, which holds about 240 inmates. When we started visiting them, most were downcast, unhappy, and full of anger and bitterness.
Salvation for Body and Soul
On my last visit to a prison where we have a ministry, I gave a class to 44 inmates who were serving time for drug-related offenses. I read stories about healing from the Bible and shared personal accounts of healings I’d witnessed during my time as a Christian volunteer.

Relief-Disaster (6)

Typhoon Morakot
After Typhoon Morakot in August 2009, The Family International in Taiwan pledged to do our part to help the survivors in the spirit of compassion and empathy.
Aid to Evacuees
The Mayon Volcano had been spewing ash 800 meters (2,625 feet) into the sky over southern Luzon, the largest of the Philippine islands.
In the Aftermath of Cyclone Larry
When Cyclone Larry hit the town of Innisfail in northern Queensland in March 2006, it caused damages estimated at over AUS$1 billion (about US$750 million) to the town and surrounding crops—primarily sugar cane and 95% of Australia’s total banana production.