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Members of The Family International in Japan have volunteered in cities throughout Japan since 1972. Over the years, members’ works have featured an array of projects, which have served as a positive influence and worked toward building a happier and brighter society.

We believe that sincere love and concern for others can provide solutions to the complex problems of today's fast-paced, impersonal society of Japan.

Members have conducted a diversity of volunteer activities, including offering Christian counseling, spiritual support, material aid, and providing assistance to the disadvantaged. These activities are carried out by independent volunteer organizations or NGOs operated by TFI members and concerned individuals.

Project Highlights

_thumbnail_Assistance-in-national-disaster-relief-efforts.jpg Assistance in national disaster-relief efforts | Family volunteers often assist in relief efforts in the event of earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters. In addition to distributing physical aid, members provide assistance by offering spiritual support and encouragement through counseling, as well as organizing programs and activities for the children affected. Some of the major relief efforts that the Family contributed to were those following the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake in 1995 and the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in October 2004.

_thumbnail_1_b_1-068-Steph_Noel_Tak_cooking.JPG Assisting the homeless | Some Family centers in Japan distribute food and daily necessities, donated by business organizations and individuals, to the homeless in parks and station grounds. Besides the distribution of goods, members regularly prepare food and make personal visits to the sick, and offer counseling and motivational courses to encourage individuals to become self-sufficient. Read more

_thumbnail_1_c_3-068-P1140902.jpg Organizing special events | Our volunteers regularly visit local retirement homes, orphanages, single mothers' circles, juvenile training schools, and medical facilities. Throughout the year, on occasions such as Christmas, Children's Day, Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, and summer and winter vacation, Family members prepare special events for those staying at the facilities, and organize programs for the children, as well as devoting time to personal interaction and encouragement.

_thumbnail_1_d_3-936-Fire_engine_2006-8.jpg Volunteer work overseas | Our members participate in humanitarian aid activities and other volunteer work overseas, such as supporting institutions, schools and hospitals. Our centers assemble needed materials, provided by corporations and individuals who are interested in donating to needy situations, and arrange the transportation and distribution of the materials.

_thumbnail_bimonthly-vol6-2.jpg Distribution and translation of Christian literature and productions | The Family Japan is active in the distribution of Gospel literature and outreach. We distribute an array of Christian publications and products, including Activate magazine, CDs, and books. We also translate and publish Bible study courses and Christian literature on topics such as family problems, child rearing, human relations, forming good habits, communication, and more.

_thumbnail_Tako2028Small29.jpg Bible Classes | Family members in Japan host Bible classes for those interested in growing in the Christian faith, and Sunday school for neighborhood children. The participants find many helpful tips and solutions in the Bible to different problems and difficulties they face in their daily lives.

_thumbnail_namida.jpg Musical performance and production | Members of the Family in Japan have composed and produced a variety of songs as a means of communicating the Christian message. From Gospel music to Pop, Rock, and children's songs and lullabies, Family studios produce a wide variety of music. (See http://www.activate.jp/seihin/cd/cd.html.) We also host benefit concerts and other musical activities as a part of our missionary work.

activity3-500.jpg Personal and group counseling | Members host seminars and workshops for the general public, including child-rearing classes for mothers and discussion groups for young people. We also provide personal counseling for those in need. Many people seek counsel regarding relations in the workplace, problems in family, parent-child and marriage relationships, and child rearing, and we work to meet the need.