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Since 1973, when TFI’s first center was established in Rio de Janeiro, the Family International in Brazil has sought to be a force for positive change in Brazil. TFI volunteers have offered volunteer services in major cities, from the Amazon in Brazil’s equatorial north to the extreme southern capital of Porto Alegre.

Members have been active in evangelization, charitable works, distribution of Christian publications, Bible studies, and seminars to touch as many lives as possible by God’s love and Word.

For more information on the Family International in Brazil, please visit our website at: www.afamilia.org.

Project Highlights

_thumbnail_Evangelization_.jpg Evangelization | Our traditional emphasis on personal evangelism––which we consider the most effective means for sharing our faith with others––has remained at the core of our current, multifaceted outreach ministries. In homes, schools, shops, and offices, from beaches to restaurants to radio, you’ll find Family members, young and old, sharing the Gospel.

_thumbnail_Seminars.jpg Seminars | Addressing today’s pressing issues such as drug abuse, materialism, decaying moral values, and the challenges posed by the Internet, these seminars challenge the audience to examine and evaluate their own lives. The presentations are a mixture of theater, music, comedy, and digital multimedia that have captured the imagination of audiences in schools, universities, and companies.

_thumbnail_Assistance-for-the-needy_.jpg Assistance for the needy | Jesus’ example of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, encouraging the disheartened, and tending to the needs of those around Him serves as a model for the Family’s aid projects. In conjunction with other organizations, sponsors and volunteers, Family members contribute to a variety of educational, health, nutritional, inspirational, and recreational initiatives. These ministries offer assistance to Brazil’s enormous underprivileged population and are an important focus of our work.

_thumbnail_bible-studies.jpg Bible studies | The Family International’s traditional emphasis on in-home Bible studies has been consolidated into a well-organized curriculum of basic Christian teachings known as the 12 Foundation Stones. In cities across Brazil, Family members administer this 12-month course to an ever-growing number of enthusiastic participants.

_thumbnail_Leadership-Training.jpg Leadership training | The Family International in Brazil offers multifaceted training programs in the form of seminars, retreats, counseling, and advanced courses to prepare the attendees--the leaders of tomorrow--for their role in guiding others into a life of Christian service.

_thumbnail_Audio-visual-resources-and-publications.jpg Audio-visual resources and publications | An array of DVDs, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, books, and magazines bring Christian values to viewers and readers of all ages. Materials such as the award-winning Treasure Attic series are used by families and schools across Brazil. The Family regularly participates in major national expositions of educational materials, broadening its partnership with recognized educational and religious institutions.

_thumbnail_Contato.jpg Contato magazine | Inaugurated in1999, Contato, the Portuguese-language version of the Family’s Activated magazine, is distributed to over 10,000 subscribers and readers. Its inspiring testimonies, devotional readings, and profound Bible studies are a continuing source of spiritual sustenance to thousands of Brazilians.