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The Family International Central America: Projects

Aid to the disadvantaged (1)

Grand Opening!
A new movie theater was scheduled to open in our city, and the management asked us to help. They wanted to open with a free screening for local underprivileged children, but didn’t know how to go about it.

Aid-Homes and Orphanages (3)

Laughter Therapy in Action
In 1998 I had the opportunity of meeting Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams in person. At the time I was living in Santiago, Chile, and was doing a lot of work with shows for children.
Children’s Christmas Play
In 2006, we organized a Christmas play with the children from a DIF shelter, so that they could perform it in surrounding villages. We prepared the costumes, and rehearsed the songs and motions the kids would need to perform the story of Jesus’ birth.
Christmas Posada for an orphanage
We held our annual Christmas Posada at the city park in 2006. We asked people we had been in contact with throughout the year if they would like to buy a Christmas gift for a child in need. Each person or family picked a child that they wanted to sponsor, along the lines of a “secret Santa”.

Helping needy families (1)

A Different Christmas Dinner
For the past several years we have conducted ongoing projects for the poor and needy of our city, including children at a local orphanage, residents of a home for abused women, and about 250 low-income families.

Laughter therapy (1)

“Dr. Payaso” Project
“Dr. Payaso” is a project that we began helping with in early 2005. It is based on “laughter therapy”, made famous by Dr. Patch Adams. We have incorporated a lot of material on personal interaction and have put together seminars on the subject that we teach to the medical students.

Outreach-Youth Outreach (2)

The Day When Children are Kings
Dia de los Reyes (“Kings’ Day,” on January 6) is quite a big holiday in Latin America, as well as a very good opportunity to remind people of the real meaning of Christmas. We hosted an event at the San Vicente orphanage and daycare center, and 110 children attended.
A Multifaceted Children's Day
What could be more rewarding than an appreciative smile from a little child? Dia del Niño (Children’s Day) is one of the happiest days of the year in Mexico. It is a special gala focused on children, and is anticipated all year long.

Programs-Prison (1)

Prison Performance and Follow-up
We were invited to participate in the annual Cultural Week program at a state penitentiary where there are about 2,000 male and 200 female inmates. Members of three Family International communities in Cuernavaca performed songs and a drama portraying a message of God’s love.

Relief-Disaster (4)

Help for Haiti
On Tuesday, January 12, 2010 there was a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. The Family International had teams on the scene about a week later. The conditions in Haiti were devastating, but miraculously the teams found places to stay and food supplies.
Aid to Chiapas
Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state, had been experiencing heavy rainfall for two weeks prior to Hurricane Stan, so rivers and dams overflowed when the storm hit, and many communities were destroyed.
Hurricane Stan Relief Effort
During the first week of October 2005, southern Mexico and most of Central America, including Guatemala, were ravaged by Hurricane Stan.

Sponsor-a-Book program (1)

Bringing Comfort to the Barranca Dwellers
The Sponsor a Book team of volunteers has been steadily growing, and last year two Family International singing groups added a lively musical component to our distribution programs.