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What is Prayer?

What is Prayer?

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Prayer is simply communicating with Jesus, just like you would talk to a good friend. You don’t have to follow any routine for Him to hear you. To be effective, prayer doesn’t depend on the position of your body, but the position of your heart.

Just tell Jesus what’s on your mind. He loves to listen to you. He’ll either solve the problems that you face, or give you the strength to make it through them.

Lots can be said about prayer, but here are a few tips that help get results:

  • Be wholehearted: The intensity with which you request God’s help is often reflected in the answer you receive.

  • Be specific: Tell Jesus exactly what the problem is and what you want Him to do about it.
  • Claim God’s promises: God has made many promises in the Bible that He will keep in answer to prayer. He wants you to hold Him to them.
  • Thank God for answering: Thank Him for the answer, even before it arrives. Praise moves God to act on your behalf.

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