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About Activated

Looking for answers? Looking to make the world a better place? Look no further. Activated is a magazine that can change your life … so that you can change your world.

Activated has been published monthly since 2001. Featured themes cover many spiritual and practical aspects of life, including:

Activated has a regular circulation in 13 languages (including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, Italian, German, Polish, and Russian). Select issues have been published in 17 additional languages. As of December 2014, nearly 10 million copies have been distributed worldwide.

You’ll find the contents of all issues of the Activated magazine from January 2009 onward online in English, Spanish and Portuguese at activated.org—arranged in an easy-to-navigate topical format, as well as by issue. In addition to the Activated magazine, the site also features three series of books on topics from our relationship with God, to parenting, and Bible prophecy. (For Activated content in an additional 12 European languages, please visit http://activated-europe.com.)

Activated contains clear, simple, and God-inspired answers to many of life's quandaries, along with personal accounts from Christians around the world that confirm that God is still alive and working and always there for us with His love, strength, and power.

Put that power to work for you! Connect with the source of love, happiness, peace, freedom, and the rest of the best that life has to offer—God, who the Bible says is love. Change your life! Change your world! Get activated!