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The Family International Slovenia

Overviewof projects in Slovenia

Volunteers from The Family International have been active in charitable and mission work in Slovenia since 1995. During the Yugoslavian conflict, Slovenia served as a base for volunteers working throughout Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia to distribute humanitarian aid, conduct post-war trauma therapy and Mine Awareness programs in cooperation with the UN and NATO-led Stabilisation Force. Members also conducted drug prevention programs at schools and English and computer literacy courses at a Red Cross Center.

More recently, TFI volunteers have conducted visitation programs and educational workshops in institutions for the underprivileged, teaching English classes, offering personal counseling and moral support.

Project Highlights

Malci Beliceve Foster Home, Slovenia | The Malci Beliceve Foster Home houses children and teenagers from dysfunctional families, as well as orphans. For four years we have held English conversation lessons and other vocational programs on a regular basis. We also host arts and crafts and educational workshops and games and put on musical/theatrical performances. We have delivered or arranged to have humanitarian aid delivered to the institution, mainly warm clothing, hats, and scarves. Our project was featured in Vode in Mi magazine, as well as Delo newspaper‚ reaching an estimated audience of 250,000.

Monthly Institution Visitation Program, Slovenia | We conduct monthly visitation programs to a number of needy institutions. These include the Korak Rehabilitation Center (for patients who have suffered head injuries), Ljubljana Homeless Shelter, Slovene Philanthropy, and senior citizens’ homes. We provide encouragement through musical performances and personal counseling, and have delivered 220 kilos of humanitarian aid.

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