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The Family International Albania

Overviewof projects in Albania

Members of The Family International have been committed to spreading the message of God's love and hope, and putting this message into action in Albania since 1995.

Our members have provided aid for the disadvantaged through a variety of programs, providing humanitarian assistance, medical aid, food, and clothing for the underprivileged, visitation programs at hospitals, orphanages and child institutions. Volunteers have strived to meet the need by providing counsel and support to young and old alike, helping them in their hour of need.

Project Highlights

Humanitarian Aid, Albania | The Family International has delivered 4000 kilos of humanitarian aid, consisting of winter clothes, shoes, and food to needy families. In cooperation with the German charity, "Care in Action," we arranged the transportation of these goods from Germany to Albania. During a one-month period, our volunteers were involved in house-to-house distribution to approximately 200 families, as well as staging a series of lively shows for about 250 poor children in the area.

Community Leadership Course, Albania | We hold Christian leadership training courses that provide the students with the opportunity to participate in projects where they learn to formulate plans and follow through on them. This practical training has provided assistance with developing skills in teamworking, communication, efficiency, and time management. At the completion of the six-month course each student receives a certificate, and most now participate actively in our regular volunteer projects.

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