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Grief counseling

San Antonio, Texas

All those who attend the weekly “grief counseling” session have recently lost a close family member. Following are some of their thoughts on the help they’ve received.

(The following letters have been translated from Spanish:)

From Juan:
This class has helped me in giving me strength to go on. This class has lifted my heart; I feel joy because, thanks to God, there are nice people like you. You have helped me to see there are more things in life ahead. You have lifted my faith and I thank God for everything He has given me.

From Ervin:
Thank You, Lord, for these people because they have helped me forget the bad things in the past. I ask You that they will always be there helping me because now I have been saved, and You have helped me to live with other people. They have helped me to believe in You, because You have put people in my life. Bless and protect them. Thank You, Lord, for grace and mercy.

From Edwin:
This class has helped me get ahead of my sadness. I feel a little happier because this class has helped me with my problems. I also give thanks to God because He has brought you to give us these classes that teach the Word of God, that tell us nice things of God and also help us with our problems, to leave the past behind and give us the Word of God to fill our hearts with happiness. I give thanks to you because you are so happy and wonderful with us and know how to talk so beautifully about our God. I give thanks to you.