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12 Foundation Stones Bible Course

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Marian gives an advanced Bible class

Jeff receiving 12 Foundation Stones certificate

Fellowship with 12 Foundation Stones students & graduates

12 Foundation Stone graduation celebration

12 Foundation Stone graduate receives certificate

The Family International in Port Harcourt has been teaching the 12 Foundation Stones Bible Course for several years now; the aim of the course being practical application of fundamental Christian principles. The course runs for 6 months with classes taught on a weekly basis. To best grasp and apply the class material, study consists of a variety of activities such as: scripture research, personal accounts, anecdotes, discussions and audio and visual aids. To date, over 80 students have graduated successfully.

A correspondence version of the course is regularly sent via email, to those preferring that medium of study. Students are required to fill out and submit a short test per class, to ensure accurate comprehension of the subject matter.

During our annual Christmas programme in 2010, several of our graduates shared their experiences of taking the 12 Foundation Stones course with the audience. Most stated how others observed a positive change in their behaviour, attitudes and reactions, after acting on what they learned. Their perspectives and goals also expanded.

In fact, some of these graduates have gone on to teaching the classes themselves, after receiving advanced classes in teaching skills and human relations. They have testified of the growth and development their students are achieving spiritually, morally and socially.

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