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The Family International Africa: Articles

2016 Articles (6)

Women Empowerment and Micro-enterprise schemes
Leadership Training
Health Care and Maternity

2012 Articles (5)

Community Outreach
In the course of our mission work we encounter many needs.
Jungle Mission Trips
We have started work in the small isolated village of Razanaka, a village with no running water, electricity, roads or cars.
Actions at the Antanimora Jail (central Jail of Antananarivo)
Since 2000, we have been regularly visiting the minor (underage) prisoners whose numbers vary from 60 to more than 100, offering moral and emotional support and spiritual counselling, as well as material needs such as new bedding and mattresses, regular supplements of rice, eggs, fish, breakfasts,

2011 Articles (9)

Hearing from God
I’m Alain Kanku, a lieutenant of the Democratic Republic of Congo Army (FARDC). I met Richard (a long time TFI member) and his family in Goma, in November 2010. I received a small gospel tract. When I read it, the message encouraged me to invite Jesus into my heart, to be my Savior and Lord.
Mandela Day
Nelson Mandela’s birthday is celebrated every year throughout the country but last year it became an official United Nations Day.
HIV programs
A team of our volunteers travelled to Phalaborwa in Limpopo to conduct HIV/AIDS programs for rural schools, where they were very well received. We received thank you letters with the following comments: “Our learners have received several workshops and lectures on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

2010 Articles (1)

Food Distribution Scheme, Nairobi
Weekly Feeding Program highlights: Food staples e.g. maize, rice and beans are regularly distributed by our Family Care Missions volunteers.

2009 Articles (3)

Food Distribution
Through sponsorship from the Lion’s Club, Durbanville, we received over ten tons of rice, samp (cornmeal mush), beans, and split peas to distribute. Volunteers helped unload this massive amount of food and piled it high on 16 palettes.
"12 Foundation Stones" Training Courses
Since the beginning of 2004, The Family International in Port Harcourt has been running the 12 Foundation Stones Bible study course.
Life Caring Orphanage
Recently we began working with the “Life Caring Orphanage”, which cares for orphans from babyhood until they are grown and able to care for themselves. We’ve recently delivered 13 brand new mattresses for the orphans and donated a freezer, and other food items.

2008 Articles (27)

Mother and Baby Support Group Highlights
Micro Businesses Bring Economic Empowerment We received sponsorship to initiate micro businesses for the members of our Mother’s Club for HIV positive women and their babies. We supplied the women with products of their choice to the value of R1,000 each.
Mother and Baby Support Group
Through this project we support a total of 19 HIV-positive mothers and their babies.
Project Hope
Project Hope currently administers the following programmes: HIV/AIDS counseling Bible-based education that promotes lifestyle changes that help in HIV/AIDS infection prevention HIV/AIDS awareness seminars Counseling Conflict resolution Collecting and distributing nutritional

2007 Articles (14)

Helping Hand, Cape Town - 2007 Statistics
(Email: helpinghand@telkomsa.net; Tel: 072 4437846) We were able to locally collect and distribute ZAR 3,191,584 worth of goods during 2007 (approximately 280,000 euros).
Katakwi Flood Relief
When the floods struck in the northeast region of our country in 2007, hundreds of thousands of people were stranded without access to food, roads, or hope. We were contacted by a local charity organization that had previously helped fund our relief efforts to the needy.
Karimojong Widows
We took a 10-ton truck to Nakapiripirit-Namalu in Karamoja, where a friend ran a camp for some very needy widows and children.

2006 Articles (4)

Combating Disease and Starvation
After spending 2004 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), carrying out humanitarian projects and sharing the message of God’s love in Jesus, escalating violence in the country’s ongoing civil war forced us out. Recently, four of us returned for six weeks.
All in a Day
Lesotho Academy of Arts is a school that we visit and help on our mission trips to Lesotho. When we arrived this month, the staff was quite discouraged. They had no gas for cooking, little paraffin for heating, no phone, almost no electricity, and no food!
Blankets and warm clothes for over 200 children
The winter had been particularly cold and we wanted to give all our Sunday school children something to keep them warm, many who attend barefoot and with ragged clothes. We identified the neediest children and gave out 15 warm, fleecy blankets. The next week we gave out fifty more, one to a family.

2002 Articles (1)

Showers of Blessings
It had been an unusually cold and wet week. In fact, half of our team was stuck in Durban due to snow on the mountain pass between there and home. (This is Africa!