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Why Do the Innocent Die?

Why does God allow so many innocent people to be killed by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., over which man has little or no control?

To truly understand the answer, it's necessary to believe in God and a better life after this one. Those who have confidence in God's love, mercy, justice, and fairness can find comfort in knowing that God has good reasons for everything He does or allows--even disasters.

It is also important to understand that God knows and loves each of us individually, and that He has a plan for our lives. When people depart from this life, whether it is through a natural disaster, accident, or otherwise, it is because it is their appointed time.

For some, it is their time to be relieved of suffering. For others, it is their time to have a chance in the next life to experience God's love and understand Him better than they ever could in this life. And for others, it is their time to be rewarded for their love and service to Him and humanity. But for those who have done evil for which they have not repented, it is their time to be faced with the error of their ways and the consequences of their choices.

God also uses disasters to work in different ways in the lives of the survivors. Suffering is a catalyst. Sometimes it causes those who know God, but who have not lived up to the truth they have been given and been loving to others, to learn their lesson and do better in the future. Other times, it causes people to shift their attention from trivial pursuits to the true values of life. And if they let it, it teaches everyone lessons such as love, compassion, mercy, unselfishness, and humility. It draws those who love God closer to Him, and it brings some of the wayward to repentance and salvation, when in their suffering they cry out to Him.

Whatever God does, He does it in love. In each "bad" thing that happens, He's giving people another opportunity to turn to Him. Those who do, come out the better for it in the long run. God is always ready, willing, and able to turn tragedy into triumph.

God is righteous, and God is just. God is fair, and God is loving and kind. God is perfect, and God knows best. Everything will work out well in the long run. People will be rewarded according to their works, whether they are good or evil. In the afterlife, everything will be squared up, and there will be rewards for those who deserve them and punishment for those who deserve that.

Most people consider death a horrible curse, but the truth is, when people leave this world, no matter how good or bad they may have had it here, they can be much better off. If you believe that there is a better life after death, then you can understand why God, in His mercy, would sometimes take people out of this world with its suffering, pain, poverty, and oppression. Those who die in disasters are often the fortunate ones. If they knew God, they've gone to a better world where they will experience His love to the full. And if they didn't know Him in this life, they will get their chance in the next.

Those who are left behind are the ones to feel sorry for--those who are still suffering or grieving the loss of loved ones. Pray for the millions who still suffer physically or are lost in spiritual darkness. These are the ones who need to be comforted with the love of Jesus and the message of His salvation, forgiveness, joy, happiness, and the promise of eternal life in Heaven hereafter.