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Reflections on Life

Embracing Change
When you’re experiencing a lot of movement or a lot of change, it can give rise to uncertainty, concern, even some fear, worry, or discouragement, wondering how you are going to make it and what the future holds.
1 Corinthians 13 for Today
Though I can speak five languages and talk intelligently on dozens of subjects, if I don't have enough love to keep from gossiping or putting down others, I'm not just making so much useless noise, I'm being downright destructive.
What to Do When You Feel Frazzled
There are going to be times in the day-to-day routine of parenting when you feel overwhelmed by situations and circumstances.
Less Is More
One day I was out and saw a new electronic scale that takes a person's weight, correlates it with his or her height, and plots a graph that shows whether that person is underweight, the correct weight, overweight, or obese. The people selling the scale were eager for me to try it, so I did.
Being Me
"You're going to be so pretty when you grow up," I remember people telling me when I was a little girl. Oh, how I waited for that day! All of my dreams would come true. I would be beautiful! But at 15 I was nothing like I had imagined. I was chunky and hated my body.
You'll Find Me Running
About two years ago it dawned on me that I was seriously out of shape. My work had become more sedentary, and I hadn't made up for that. I enjoyed exercise, but never seemed to find the time or motivation to stick with it, day after day.
A Cupful of Joy
A spiritual exercise "The joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10). Joy and praise—thankfulness to God for His goodness—are connected. When you take time to thank God for your blessings, your problems and concerns fade into the background.
Things Every Parent Should Know
(But shouldn't have to learn the hard way) We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. —Stacia Tauscher You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. —Franklin P.
Bottoms Up!
I recently became the mother of two. There are so many new emotions, joys, and lessons that come along with welcoming an additional child into the family. The newest challenge I face is getting ready to go back to work and preparing our three-month-old baby girl for this transition.
Two Paths
I went to see a friend the other day. I passed through two sets of polished doors and ascended the building in a gleaming elevator to get to his office.
Snail Patrol
Today I went for a walk with some of my friends' kids in the countryside surrounding the village in which we live, an area consisting of farmland, dirt paths, and small woods.
One of a Kind
Almost anyone's list of "People Who Have Influenced My Life" includes at least one teacher. What kind of teachers are these?—The kind who use their talents to help develop their students' talents, the kind who strive to shape not just the mind but the heart.
Not a Problem!
It was the end of another long, hectic day. My husband had been away on business for almost three weeks, and caring for our eight-year-old son and a two-month-old baby on my own had been a new and challenging experience. I was looking forward to some much-needed sleep, when my baby became fussy.
Cancer Casualty to Triathlete
In January of 2002, I was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic melanoma cancer. The survival rate for people who reach this stage of the disease is less than 50%. Over half die within five years. What would be a difficult prospect for anyone to face was nearly overwhelming for me.
The Golden Cobra
Andrea ran as fast as her five-year-old legs could take her, up and up the steep craggy hill that led to her grandparents' house at the top. As she climbed, her sunhatted mother and younger sister shrunk to little more than dots on the road that looped around and up the back of the hill.
The Giovanna Solution
After four years and a 44-hour bus ride, I was finally visiting my daughter and son-in-law and seeing my young granddaughter, Giovanna, for the first time. She had my heart instantly—so cute, so smart, so active.
You Are Never Alone
"Haven't you heard?" a friend asked. "Didn't you see the news yesterday? The whole world is heartbroken for a little girl who lost her family in one fell swoop." Make Us Brave for Life God, make us brave for life; oh, braver than this.
Little Green Steps Of Progress
One day Joe broke his arm. Joe was a traceur.* He loved the exhilaration he got from looking at the world as one big obstacle course--climbing and falling, escaping, and reaching. Joe pushed himself on his runs, sometimes over cars or walls, sometimes across rooftops. Sometimes too far.
The Tapestry of the Japan Tsunami
In every disaster, there are stories of selfless sacrifice. In Japan, there seemed to be no other kind of story. —Bangkok Post March 20, 2011 The dignity, perseverance and sacrificial spirit of the Japanese are something to be admired.
Onion Soup
Mom's French Onion Soup (6 servings) 6 medium onions, peeled and sliced into slivers Brown onions in 3 tablespoons of butter over medium heat until transparent. Add onions to 6 cups of broth and let simmer for 30 minutes.
Walk a Mile in His Shoes
Jesus Walked Among Us By David Brandt Berg Though Jesus was rich, for our sakes He became poor, that we through His poverty might become rich. Jesus not only had to come down and live amongst us, but He had to be one of us. He had to become a member of the human community.
The Scuba Lesson
"Look at me," Mike signaled with his hands. I shook my head in panic and kicked harder in a desperate attempt to surface. Mike's heavy grip kept me under as he signaled again, "Look at me!" We were on the seabed, exploring the coral reef in the South China Sea.
God's Plan
My mum passed away late last year, after suffering from a debilitating neurological disorder called Huntington's disease. We traveled a nine-year journey with her as we watched her body and mind slowly deteriorate. With that came every kind of emotion and question. "Why her?
"A Breath of Fresh Air"
It was a particularly hot, sticky summer day, and Jeffrey and I had already been traveling for a few hours when we plopped down in a stuffy bus station waiting room in northern Italy. Jeffrey was hardly speaking to me. "Did I really have to come?" he muttered. How did I get this idea, anyway?