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God on God

Ever wonder why? Yes, why? Why this, why that, why the other thing? If you have, I am sure you have that in common with the vast majority of others of the human race ever since time began. So who has the answers? The only one I know who has the answers to all the whys is God. Seemed like a dead-end to me. But as I thought about it more, a strange notion entered my head. I wonder if God would ever do an interview?

"Nonsense!" A nasty little voice piped up in the back of my mind. "If He was going to, He surely would have done it before now."

It was, of course, an absurd idea. Even if it was possible, who was I to be the one to undertake it? There were countless people more qualified than me, I felt. I couldn't help agree that if it were possible, it would have been done before.

But the initial thought wouldn't go away.

"So how would I interview God?" I mused.

"Noooo!" screamed Nasty again. "It's a ludicrous idea and you're off your rocker to even give it a second thought."

"Yes, undoubtedly!" I agreed once again.

And so I went about my day trying to forget about the "stupid, idiotic, hare-brained" idea. Yet the thought was persistent. But each time it came up Nasty was there to add another disparaging adjective to the growing list that preceded the idea.

It was after many bouts with Nasty that I was stopped in my tracks as a new thought entered my mind.

"You are certainly not having any trouble hearing from Nasty. Why would it be any more difficult to hear from God?"

In my mind's eye, I could see that Nasty was just about to let me have it when he seemed to swallow his tongue. There wasn't a word. What had happened to my razor-tongued companion? He was gone.

Instead, a decidedly nicer voice chimed in. "Why not just ask Him and see?"

I looked around to make sure no one else was observing what was going on. Thankfully, I was alone.

"Go on. Ask Him!" Nice Voice urged again.

"Do you really think He would do it?" I asked out loud.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," came the reply.

So I did and ... well, read for yourself what transpired.

Interview One: "Hello! Are You There?"

Interviewer: Well, here goes! Ah, excuse me. Hello! Are You there? (At this point I think I hear a yes. I feel stupid but proceed.) I wonder if I might have a word with God?

Voice from somewhere: With God! Any special reason?

Interviewer: I'd like to ask Him some questions, if I may.

Voice again: Questions? What questions?

Interviewer: Rather a lot, I'm afraid. I wonder if He might be free to do ... well ... like an interview or something.

Voice which I now dubbed "Secretary": So is it an interview or a "something"?

Interviewer: An interview. Yes, an interview. (A bit more boldness was starting to come to me.)

Secretary: Well, that's a first! Back in a jiffy!

("A jiffy," I thought. I guess Heaven is timeless. Someone needs to update the secretary on what's in and what's old in the English language.)

Secretary: God says He's been expecting you. Go ahead!

Interviewer: So He is here?

Secretary: Sure is. Ask away!

Interviewer: Okay! Uh ... hello! I am very honored to be able to ask these questions and that You are able to take the time for this interview.

God: I am very pleased to be able to. It has taken awhile to get through to you on this and to get you this far.

Interviewer: You mean that this was Your idea?

God: Did you think it was yours?

Interviewer: I must admit that I thought it was a bit off the wall at first.

God: Like you were off your rocker or something?

Interviewer: You could say that.

God: So now that we have straightened that out, do you want to get started?

Interviewer: Sure, if it's okay with You.

God: No time like the present.

Interviewer: Very well. My first question and I think one that most people would like to hear an answer to is: Who are You? Some think of You as a rather old, kindly looking gentleman with a long white beard. Others envision a very stern authoritarian with a large stick in His hand. Others a very nebulous, disinterested entity who has left us to our own fate. What are You really like?

God: I have always regarded the conceptions most of mankind has of Me with a mixture of amusement, puzzlement and sadness. To best understand Me, it is better not to conceive of Me as a person but rather as the Spirit of love. That is what I am at My essence and that is how My presence is most commonly manifested in the world.

Everyone has been touched by love at some time in their lives. Think of someone you love or have loved and are loved by in return. Recall how you feel when you are near them. Now think what that would be like multiplied not just a few but very many times over. You now have an idea of what I am like.

Interviewer: So when we feel warm and fuzzy, that's You? Some might take exception to that and think that You are appropriating the love they feel for or from someone.

God: Perhaps some might take exception, but please understand that this is simply a statement of fact. I am not just assigning all your nice, warm, loving feelings to Myself. I am simply stating that love is not just part of Me but it is Me. I place it in the world so people can have a taste of what I am like. I am love.

Interviewer: You said you are a spirit. Does that mean You don't have human-like features such as a head, legs, arms, etc.?

God: I created man in My likeness, but the part of man that is particularly My likeness is the spirit that dwells within his body. I can and do manifest Myself in the bodily likeness of a man, but I am not limited to that.

Interviewer: So when we see works of art where You are depicted similar to how Jupiter or Zeus of the old Roman/Grecian mythology were depicted, then this is somewhat right?

God: I have never posed for an earthly portrait, but some have seen Me on occasion in a human manifestation. So that sort of representation comes pretty close to how you could imagine Me. But in reality, I would like it if people could get past the human concept and come to understand Me more spiritually.

Interviewer: How would one do that?

God: By seeking to understand My Words to mankind rather than engaging in debate over My appearance and nature.

Interviewer: I see. Yet it is our human nature to be somewhat on the skeptical, analytical side. We like to understand who we are dealing with. Surely You must understand this, since You created humanity?

God: Yes, I do understand, but the reason I created you like this was to see who would rise above the level of skepticism to an attitude of simple belief.

Interviewer: You are talking about faith here.

God: Yes, exactly.

Interviewer: But, is faith in fact a good thing? Faith is often manipulated by the unscrupulous. Isn't it better for one to be less gullible and more cautious?

God: I am not talking about being gullible. That is not what faith in Me is supposed to be. Faith is not being duped. Faith is confidence. Faith is knowing.

Interviewer: Okay, now I am going to throw out a question that has been in the back of my mind since this started. How do I know I really am talking to You? I mean, all this could just be in my mind.

God: It could be, but it is not. You need faith here.

Interviewer: I know I need faith, but I am wondering if I am just deluded or something.

God: You can check this out by looking at the results.

Interviewer: I am not sure what You mean by results.

God: You can see how this affects you once you sit down and read over the transcript. Does it sound like you're delusional? Or does what you read make sense?

Interviewer: Okay, I'll do that. But what is the test? How do I know that this is not a delusion? Maybe it will all make wonderful sense to me, but once it gets around that I am here talking to You, I can see the commitment papers being drawn up right away.

God: Then you'll just have to let them read what you are hearing and let them make up their own minds. The worst they can think is that you are a harmless kook.

Interviewer: A kook! People are going to think I am a kook? That thought doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence right now.

God: If you are going to worry too much about what people think, then you have gotten into the wrong line of work. Most people whom I have spoken to have been derided by their critics as daft, or worse.

Interviewer: Oh, no. It has gone from being a kook to me having derisive critics. Life was a lot simpler before this started.

God: Simpler doesn't necessarily mean better.

Interviewer: You're not going to tell me to do anything crazy, are You?

God: What do you mean by crazy?

Interviewer: To go pull some stunt or something.

God: No, I am not in the business of stunts, although I do like to get people's attention.

Interviewer: You have mine right now and I am still feeling pretty awkward about all this.

God: You were the one who requested an interview.

Interviewer: Yes, that's true. But it is because I have lots of questions that I want to get answers on.

God: So ask away.

Interviewer: How can we establish the fact that You are real?

God: The testament to a creator is his creation. Look at what I made--that is the main way you can establish that I am real.

Interviewer: But couldn't the world have created itself?

God: Does that make sense to you?

Interviewer: Well, no. But a lot of intelligent people seem to think it does.

God: Look around you at all the things in your room. Everything that is manufactured has a maker, doesn't it?

Interviewer: Yes, but there are some things that weren't manufactured--like the plant in the corner.

God: But it came from a parent plant, right? It had a maker, so to speak.

Interviewer: Yes, but maybe the ancestor just popped out of the primordial soup at some distant point in time and ....

God: Why don't you just relax and have faith?

Interviewer: Is it back to that?

God: Looks like it. Want to stop worrying and start asking some questions?

The preceding was the introduction and part of Interview one from the book God on God: What on Earth was He thinking! Available from Aurora Production.