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Aurora Productions for Children


Two complete curriculums—each with 20 themed and illustrated student booklets, plus teacher's handbook/aids.

STEPS Character Building

The STEPS Character Building series is a dynamic life-skills curriculum intended for use at home, camp, or in the classroom by parents, counselors, caregivers, or teachers. Each booklet in the series focuses on a quality of character or personal or interpersonal skill that is necessary for a child's positive self-esteem and social development.

The STEPS Foundations of Faith series is a powerful personal development study curriculum to help children learn about God and His Word. Children will grow and mature in spiritual depth, behavior, character, and faith as you guide them through these Scripture-based study units.


Feed My Lambs

The Feed My Lambs series includes six colorful books with a total of 90 Bible verses on key Christian topics, simplified to make them easy for children to understand. Each verse is vividly illustrated to help children relate the verse's meaning to their everyday lives.

Feed My Lambs also doubles as a complete Scripture memorization course on basic Christian topics.

All 90 Bible verses are put to music and included on an audio CD for fun and easy reference, memorization, and review.


Early Bird Readers

This series of 12 colorfully illustrated books provides a simple program that helps you give a child a head start on the most important aspect of his or her basic education: reading.

Children can learn to read as young as two or three years of age. In fact, research has shown that the earlier they start, the easier it is for them to learn, and the better positioned they are to progress in their overall education.

Through the course of the readers, basic vocabulary is built one word at a time. Once children have made their way through the books, they will have learned to read many of the most commonly used words in the English language.

The course can also be useful review for children who are learning English as a second language.

Included as part of the program:

  • a guide for parents and teachers
  • a full set of flash cards, featuring every word introduced in the Early Bird Readers series
  • a read-along audio CD


Jesus and Me

Jesus and Me is an enjoyable book specially designed to teach children about the best Friend they could ever have, in a way that they can understand. Your children can experience the love, concern, and nature of Jesus Christ as they enjoy the vibrant illustrations and the messages expressed in language they can relate to.



Fun with Values
In this series, Tristan and his friends discover many of life's important lessons by the means of creative stories. The books are designed to keep children's attention while instilling a foundation of positive moral values. Whether it's about insects or mermaids, trucks or dinosaurs, each story provides young children with character-building lessons presented in a lively and fun way.


Animated video
The popular Grandpa Jake's Storybook series moves from the printed page to action in this animated series. A group of endearing dinosaur friends experience adventure and opportunities to learn important life lessons. Children will love the way values are taught in an entertaining way.


treasure-attic Treasure Attic® is a live-action educational entertainment video series for children. Each show is packed with lively music, meaningful songs, and delightful stories that make learning fun. Life skills are made fascinating and easy to grasp even for very young children.


Great Adventures

Great Adventures

Two 60-minute CDs of all-time favorite Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Engaging narrative and lively songs with full musical accompaniment.

Coloring the World

Coloring the World

The lively music and excellent values promoted throughout these 19 songs will expand your children's understanding of the world around them.



Send your little ones happily on their way to dreamland with the comforting and soothing sounds of 12 melodic nighttime songs.


The Keys to Parenting series unlocks the secrets of successful parenting of children from tiny tots to teens. These books are packed with practical and spiritual guidance. Learn to encourage, inspire, counsel, correct, and enjoy your children, and help them to become all they can be.

Titles in the series:

Power for Parenthood Power for Parenthood Keys to Baby Keys to Baby
Keys to Toddlers and Preschoolers Keys to Toddlers
and Preschoolers
Keys to Kids Keys to Kids
Parenteening Parenteening

You can find the full Keys to Parenting series of books here.

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